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UK Basketball Recruiting

John Calipari is at it again. He has the number 1 recruiting class for the third year in a row. The three early Uk signees were Archie Goodwin (SG), Alex Poythress (PF), and Willie Cauley (C). Goodwin and Poythress are both top twenty-five prospects and both participated in the prestigous McDonalds All American game. But the most recent commit to Uk is the number 1 player in the nation Nerlens Noel. Noel was in the class of 2012 until he got a knee injury. Then the went to the class of 2013, but decided he was ready for the class of 2012. He leapfroged Shabazz Muhammad for the number 1 rank.  

Archie Goodwin is a very athletic shooting guard who can dunk with the best of them. He was the McDonalds runner-up in the dunk competition. He is also known for doing a between the leg dunk during a game. Goodwin is a good driver with a pretty good shot.

Alex Poythress reminds me of Terrance Jones. They have about the same body type and are both very phyiscal. Poythress does lack the "attitude problems" that Terrance Jones has. Poythress is a strong big man that can hit the jumper and drive the lane. He can also get big rebounds.

Willie Cauley is the lowest ranked UK signee. Cauley is a 7'0 center who can dribble the ball. But I dont see him dribbling the ball much at Kentucky. He has a pretty good inside game and a decent jumper for a 7'0 center. The main weakness people see in Cauley is he is a little slow at times but hes does give effort.

And now for the new signee Nerlens Noel. Noel was deciding between Uk, Georgetown, and Syracuse. He decided on national television last week. He said he wanted to go to Kentucky to win a national championship. Noel is the number 1 player in the nation because of his defensive ability. Many people think he is the best shot blocker in the last 25 years. He will try to fill the shoes of Anthony Davis. He is also athletic and can dribble. He has a decent jumper but a good inside game.

But this might not be all for the Kentucky class of 2012. Two other main targets are top 15 prospects Anthoony Bennett (PF), and Amile Jefferson (SF). Bennett has a big body along with a big motor. Jefferson is also athletic and can run the floor. Bennett will decide early next month. 

So once again, John Calipari has pulled through for Big Blue Nation


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College baseball so far

Pre- Rank      Team                      Record    Rank now


1.            UCLA                                     5-2      6                             teams that dropped out of top 25: 4

2.            TCU                                       4-3     10                           teams that dropped out of top 5: 3

3.            Florida                                  7-0     1                              teams that dropped out of top 10: 3

4.            Vanderbilt                            7-1     2                                    

5.            Clemson                                 5-1                                teams that dropped out of top 25:                  

6.            Oklahoma                              9-0     3                               Miami (FL), Georgia Tech, Coastal Carolina,    

7.            Texas                                    5-3     12                            and UCONN

8.            South Carolina                    6-0       

9.            Cal State Fullerton             4-3     14                            teams new to the top 25: North Carolina                                                                                                                                                           

10.        Oregon                                 4-3     20                            (18). College of Charleston (19), UC Irvine   

11.        Florida State                        7-0                                 (21), California (24)

12.        Arizona State                       6-1     7

13.        Texas A&M                          6-1     13

14.        Virginia                                 6-1     8

15.        LSU                                        7-0     11

16.        Stanford                               4-3     15

17.        Rice                                       5-3     17

18.        Miami (Fla.)                         4-3     NR

19.        Georgia Tech                       5-3      NR

20.         Coastal Carolina                 4-4      NR

21.         Louisville                             4-2     23

22.        Connecticut                         2-4    NR

23.        Auburn                                 5-2     25

24.        Arkansas                              6-0     16

25.        Arizona                                 5-1     22

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Attendance at the NFL combine




         One thing I noticed about the NFL combine this week that nobody ever seems to talk about is my topic. And that’s not the players, or coaches, or stats, it’s the attendance. The only people allowed to be inside during the combine are coaches, scouts, and four analysts for the NFL Network. I know its better if the stadium is silent. But I saw you sell even just $10 $5 tickets for the upper level for fans to spectate some of their favorite players. Where do you put the money? Give it to charity! Fans will pay to see this event. If they wouldn’t why are people watching it on TV and why is it so important to scouts?

          The conflict over the sound should be if you yell or do anything distracting you should be kicked out. When people give ticket takers there tickets just make sure there are no signs, whistles, lasers, or anything that’s distracting. Have security to check for weapons and show that it’s a big deal for these kids.

          But this could turn out to be a great charity event or family time. They should do the same thing here as they do with the senior bowl by hosting events, and get some fan interaction and get the fans excited. You could hold contests as well. 

          I know that this rule has always been in place but i think it should be changed.

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